Preschool and The Preschoolers

“You should blog about your home school more.”

My big sister has always been my cheerleader. She even called on the first day of school to say, “I’ve been praying for you today!”

I never meant for this blog to be a one-kind-of-anything blog. It’s a place to write because I love to write—on any topic that comes to mind. And it’s the place my mom goes to find photos and stories of her far-away grand babies.

There are many, many home school blogs out there doing a much better job than I could do…but I’ve been giving some thought to my big sister’s idea. Perhaps she is right. I may wish I’d recorded more details one day.

In that vein…this has been a really poopy week. Yes, details, you know.

The first day managed to derail me and I’ve been chugging uphill ever since, with no energy, creativity, or hope of hitting the rails again. To be honest I’m barely holding on, like the little engine that could, until the weekend. I have just enough hope left to think that some planning and preparation over the weekend may improve the coming week…how I’ll fit that planning and preparation into a day filled with three soccer games, all hours apart, remains to be seen. I remain hopeful.

Today, Marc left for work at 5:00 AM. Inventory had to be done before the 6 o’clock shift began. I know he’s exhausted after a long day, but he rushed home to change into his cleats and pick up two of his boys for soccer practice so I could stay home.

Three unexpected hours at home this evening? I feel almost giddy. I’ve been in the school room getting a head start on my weekend list. The printer is running with no reprieve as I fill folders with preschool pages.

Do-A-Dot papers over here. And if you home school, you need to know about this fantastic resource, Confessions of a Homeschooler. 

Play doh mats here. I know my two preschoolers will go crazy when I pull these out of the bag on Monday!

I’m making these egg carton math games, and this blog is full of fantastic ideas for preschoolers, by the way.

I am organizing some of my preschool and K-4 games so that I will actually use them with Reagan and Liv. And I’m penciling in some time after lunch everyday to make sure I read to them, too.

Because these two are on my heart.

I spend the bulk of my day with my first grader and third grader, of course. And I don’t want my little people to get lost in the shuffle.

Of course, one of the benefits of preschool at home rather than in day care, is the role play that happens all day long. Their imaginations are incredible and they cook, camp out, work as zoo keepers in the living room with stuffed animals, haul cardboard boxes outside to make a fort in the hedges (complete with secret passwords), and set up stores outside to buy, sell, and trade with the neighbor kids. It’s brilliant and an education in itself, so I’m not too worried about them missing out. I think just 30 minutes or so with the two of them will fill up their “school tanks” sufficiently and they’ll be happy for a morning of play time after that, freeing me for more time with the big boys. This is my optimistic plan. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here’s to a new, completely un-poopy week in preschool!


5 thoughts on “Preschool and The Preschoolers

  1. It’s good to know sometimes that no one is alone in experiencing days that feel like a “wash.” It’s also good to know that “Today is fresh with no mistakes.” His grace and faithfulness are new every morning.

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